Why Invest in North Cyprus in 2024?

Capital appreciation: North Cyprus has seen 79% property price increase in the past 3 years. This level of capital appreciation is unmatched elsewhere in Europe.

Prices: Very low cost of living and property prices are significantly lower than South Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries. Ranked #1 for "Best Beachfront Buy" by Forbes.

Bank account: Private banking with strict client confidentiality. No questions asked for moving money under £1 million.

Crypto laws: Free to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency and buy property and cars.

Residency permit: When you buy a property in North Cyprus, you can easily get a permanent residency.

Safe: North Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. We have a very low crime rate.

Climate: Average 340 days of sun with warm winters. Beach season is 8 months long.

Clean environment & unspoilt nature: Ranked #1 for the cleanest sand and sea by EEA. Heavy government regulations for nature preservation.

Capital Appreciation in North Cyprus

Capital Appreciation in North Cyprus

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